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docrafts operates an innovative Creativity Store support programme for many of its best independent retail customers. The programme has been designed to support retailers in ways that add material value to their business. The significant investment we make to drive demand and thus sales of our products across a number of key marketing initiatives, truly adds value to our customer’s sales and profitability.

How Creativity Store status benefits your business

Every 2 months, starting in January each year, docrafts launches a new product collection in the form of a Creativity Essentials Promotion. Each promotion is eagerly anticipated by the crafting community and promoted in our industry leading Creativity Magazine, along with copious amounts of projects and inspiration to engage crafters. The magazine is only sold through our retail store partners and serves to promote all the products they carry, so in effect, this “must read” publication acts as a powerful local marketing tool for our Creativity Store partners.

Creativity Magazine
Consumer Online Community

Award winning website

  • Over 250,000 Users
  • Over 585,000 Projects
  • 35,000 Videos viewed per month
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In addition we have an award winning consumer website ( with over 250,000 registered users which serves as a hub for the crafting community with chat forums, galleries, a members club, product guide, project inspiration, video library, Creativity TV, competitions, newsletters and much more! This website continuously promotes our product launches and directs consumers to buy from our Creativity Store partners. has a built in store locator and referral feature that constantly drives consumers to your store. With regular emails to our entire crafting database and reminders built in throughout the website we make it easy for consumers to find Creativity Stores and buy from them.

This industry leading marketing support is further complimented with Creativity Essentials Flyers supplied to Creativity Store partners to help them promote all new bi monthly product launches. These full colour, glossy flyers used for local marketing in many different forms by our customers, illustrate all products and offers on promotion and again serve to drive demand and profit.

During each 2 month promotional period, Creativity Stores are also supported with subsidised in-store events. These events are designed to engage end users with the product on promotion, by creating projects and lots of inspiration. It is common place for retailers to tell us their turnover on event days triples! These events are supported by docrafts with samples, demonstrators, POS and during the weeks leading up to the event, we send out weekly emails to local website members inviting them to attend. Some stores struggle to cope with demand on these days!

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As if this was not already enough, our Creativity Store partners also benefit from the following:

What does all this cost?

The simple answer is nothing! docrafts invests all this time and money to drive demand for its products and to support its most committed retail partners. By driving customers to your store and priming them to buy, whether through our media inspiration or our in-store event support, we know that we’re adding value to the success of your business and also ours.

Our company mantra is "No one works harder to support your business", you can see why!

What obligations do I have to make to become a Creativity Store?

As has already been said, we do not charge for this special marketing support programme, but we do have to get a return on our investment and ensure the integrity of the programme by meeting or exceeding consumer expectations. To this end, we do insist that all Creativity Stores:

During a time when retailers need more new product and more marketing support to compensate for the current tough market conditions, joining the docrafts Creativity Store programme ticks all the boxes and truly does add value to your business performance.

If you are interested in opening a Trade Account with docrafts please click here, you won’t regret it!